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and (2001) Musica Genera

“And is a collection of duets pitting his oboe, cor, suona (a Chinese double-reed instrument) and raita against the cream of Chicago improvisors. . . Where Bruckmann’s first album showcased his virtuoso playing, And reveals he’s just as capable of virtuoso listening.” (Dan Warburton, The Wire)

entymology (2000) barely auditable

“Entymology could have been only a curiosity, something exotic-sounding for the improv crowd, but it goes beyond that. It so happens Kyle Bruckmann is a seasoned improviser with impressive extended technique and peculiar artistic flair. . . Entymology is an enchanting experience that expands the possibilities (and the comprehension) of the double reed family. Strongly recommended.” (François Couture, All-Music Guide)

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