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“. . . an encyclopedic recall of advanced noise-music articulates from the the fingers, lips, and pen of Bruckmann; he prefers concealing himself in squid-inkings of black humor and wry misdirection. Likewise his music tends to be studiously mordant and spread thick with irony and wit. ‘It’s not supposed to work like this!’ someone screams in one of his songs. But it does work more often than not, in spite of its own spite.”

Tom Djll, Signal to Noise

“. . . an artist who is taking his instrument to truly new and wonderful places.”

All About Jazz

“. . . Bruckmann is an excellent composer, striking the right balance between form and freedom, setting up abundant opportunities for his mates to express themselves.”

Jason Bivins, Signal to Noise

“. . . Bruckmann has played oboe, English horn, and/or electronics in a wide variety of contexts . . . but it’s still possible to find a single sentence to describe his entire body of his work: he makes creative use of the tension between seemingly irreconcilable musical elements.”

Bill Meyer, Chicago Reader


Jeremiah Cymerman’s 5049 Podcast, from November 2017.

A 2013 video interview with Outsound’s Rent Romus regarding the creation of Wrack’s …Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire.

Simon Reynell’s 2008 interview with EKG regarding their new Another Timbre release, Electricals.

James Taylor’s 11/06 interview following the release of Intents & Purposes at All About Jazz.


Tom Djll’s 9/05 Signal to Noise article on Bruckmann (PDF file).

An ancient LOZENGE interview appeared in Issue No. 13 of Copper Press, available here as a PDF file.

EKG was given the opportunity to rant about some favorite records in Dusted Magazine’s Listed feature; Bruckmann was granted a solo flight in 2009.

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