The Internet is no place for the verbose.

But should you be, like me, the anachronistic, curmudgeonly sort who clings tenaciously to a quixotic faith in text’s enduring value and unparalleled power in the service of discourse (and/or its delights as a cognitive plaything), you may find collected here, mouldering stockpiled against some ostensible posterity and in lieu of more conventional or respected means of publication, scholarly or otherwise, a number of my more indulgent effusions.

I DREAM OF WIRES – An attempt, on the occasion of the 2015 release of Technological Music Vol. 2 and stunp: Gebrauch, to contextualize.

ADORATION OF THE RECORD ALBUM – The closest I come to music criticism.

W.A.S.T.E. WRAP-UP – Taking stock, in 2014, of the creative process leading up to Wrack’s ...Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire.

5 QUESTIONS WITH JESSE GOIN – A 2013 reflection on artistic practice in advance of an EKG performance.


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