Surplus 1980 Collectiv Ensembl is a project of composer, multi-instrumentalist and percussionist Moe Staiano, who, among other things, played in Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Mute Socialite and Rova::Orchestrova. He created Surplus 1980 to continue the musical journey he started with Mute Socialite.

Recorded at Ex’pression, in Emeryville, California, on November 17th, 2017, by HL Nelly. Vocals were written and recorded in early 2018 in Amsterdam. Mastered by Weasel Walter, Brooklyn, New York, January 2019. Released March 25, 2019 on Musique à la Coque, Italy.

Yacob McCann-guitar, Melne Murphy-guitar, John Shiurba-guitar, Bill Wolter-guitar, Vicky Grossi-bass, Steve Lew-bass, Jason Hoopes-bass, Jordan Glenn-drums, Mark Pino-percussion, Kyle Bruckmann-oboe, Paul Costuros-bass clarinet, Moe! Staiano-composition/conducting/snare, G.W. Sok-voice.

1. Glory hole (11.31)
2. Aftermath (9.04)
3. Gutter (14.12)
4. Flim flam (8.52)

“Ze leveren hier in een kleine 3 kwartier 4 stukken af, die avontuurlijk, pakkend en steengoed zijn. Ik moet in eerste instantie denken aan de betere experimentele noise van de vroegere The Ex, maar daarnaast door de jazzy, avant-garde en post-punk stukken ook aan Palinckx, The Residents, Dog Faced Hermans en Už Jsme Doma. Mooier dan dit kan ik het ook niet maken, maar het is allemaal dan ook van een uitzonderlijk niveau.”
(Jan Willem Broek – SCHADUWKABINET, WEEK 16)

“It all sounds like a pleasant, intelligent work of post-punk, using all the energy and inventive composition, taking elements of seventies progressive rock with all the changes, but then as executed by punks who know how to play their instruments. It is almost an orchestral approach here and it works damn fine.”
(Frans de Waard – VITAL WEEKLY 1178)

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