Wide Hive Records

“Recorded March 19th and 20th 2018 in the Littlefield Auditorium, Mills College, where Roscoe has held the chair of composition, once held by esteemed composer Darius Milhaud for over a decade. Encompassing intriguing instrumentation with fully written orchestrations by Mr. Mitchell, this recording contains performances by many notable musicians and is of the highest quality both sonically and musically.

Joining Roscoe’s Orchestra are three accomplished soloists: Thomas Buckner, baritone, Giovanni Trovalusci, bass flute, and Soo Yeon Luyh, haegeum, “Rub,” “Wha Wha,” and “Frenzy House” were conducted by Steed Cowart and “No Nah Nah Nai” was conducted by Roscoe Mitchell.”

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