Kyle Bruckmann – analog synthesizers, double reeds
Sam Coomes – keyboards, guitar, bass, voice
Gino Robair – drums, keyboards, violin
Scott Rosenberg – saxophones, contrabass clarinet, bass
John Shiurba – guitar, bass, violin

Sickroom Records

“Five musicians from separate planets lock themselves in a studio for a few days & let her rip. Various post-avant spectrums toyed with but tossed out the window for rock, except what exactly is rock? One man’s Sabbath is another man’s Butthole Surfers. One is feeling Floyd while another is feeling DNA & yet another thinking mid period Crimson & another early period Crimson & then someone is somehow thinking James Tenney… The verite m.o. of the first album is forgotten – this thing expands freely in four dimensions, becomes massive. There is no hope for this music – it’s impossible.” (Sickroom press release)

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