Kyle Bruckmann – accordion, minimoog, organ, oboe, voice
Kurt Johnson – bass
Philip Montoro – metal percussion, drums
Mark Stevens – drums

Sickroom Records

“LOZENGE, a four-man band from Chicago, makes a clattery, distorted racket… Cheap organ and synthesizer, clanking percussion, clobbered drums and cranked-up bass work up stop-start patterns that sound like progressive rock locked in a dank boiler room…. Every so often, someone howls a line like “What are we waiting for?” amid the din, or the music switches to a sardonic oom-pah. All the lurching and buzzing is invigorating and hilarious, unless you’re prone to motion sickness.” (John Pareles, New York Times)


CHICKNSHIT (excerpt)


STUMBLOR (excerpt)

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