Kyle Bruckmann – oboe, English horn, analog electronics
Ernst Karel – trumpet, analog electronics
Giuseppe Ielasi – electronics, guitar, piano, etc.


“Composed of microscopic electronics, floating brass instrument tones and prepared/tabletop guitar events, Group — paradoxically — rocks. It’s an object lesson in the inherent breadth of vision made available by the contemporary melding of acoustic instruments and electronics. . . The music is quiet but not undemanding, careful listening yielding subtle vistas and engaging sonic environments. . . The pieces arise, unfold and then depart with a stately logic all their own. . . The players evidence an informed knowledge of a range of musical styles, reflecting their mix of conservatory training and broad experimental practice. Their repertoire of sound sources and collaborative strategies is diverse and engaging. Group is a fine example of the kind of genre hybridisation that typifies early 21st century music. (Bruce Russell, The Wire)

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