Kyle Bruckmann – oboe, English horn
Werner Dafeldecker – guitar, percussion
Boris Hauf – synthesizers, baritone saxophone


“…these are musicians whose sense that conscious restraint can be enablng is coupled with a deep concern for sonic content… Their music is gradual and relatively stark: pulsation and sustained tones from Hauf’s synthesizer; an undulating drone from Dafeldecker’s guitar or steady ringing and chiming like a ceremonial gong; precise microtones and gradations of timbre expressed from Bruckmann’s reeds. There’s an air of serious investigation taking place – close attention to elements combined, interacting and mutating. The sounds carry weight and are made to matter. It’s sound-led music, but the musicians are making the right choices, and from that Wane acquires its quiet intensity.” (Julian Cowley, The Wire)

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