Double album of solo electronics. Available digitally as two volumes, or together as a limited edition cassette.

Tools include Buchla 200 (thanks to UOP), E-mu Modular (thanks to UCSC), Minimoog Model D, Wurlitzer 200A, VCV Rack, a small metal sculpture (thanks to Stella Tran), and various modules and devices purchased, salvaged, gifted and borrowed (thanks to Lance Grabmiller, Scott Goff, Ernst Karel, Travis Johns/VauxFlores, and Stephen Holland-Chang).

No double reeds were harmed in the making of this music.

Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering Labs, Oakland, June 2021

Photos: kb; burned trees, Camp Jack Hazard CA, Aug 2020

Design & layout: Dustin Krcatovich/Golden Feelings

Infrequent Seams 035

What feels like a baffling parade of random noises and impulsive knob-twiddling the first time starts to crystallise into something firm and structured after repeated listens. The music is hiding in plain sight; recurrent themes, counterpoint figures, combinations of dialoguing materials begin to make sense and their transformations easier to trace the longer you spend with it. There’s a thoughtful method behind this madness, the pleasure of listening to the work equal to the challenge of beholding it.”  —Leah Kardos, The Wire 454

“…his giddy explorations across two discs feel a bit like a kid let loose in a candy store.” —Marc MastersThe Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp

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